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Clint Dempsey Scores Twice for Fulham Against Chelsea, Earns Draw 2-2

US Soccer Player Scores Twice Against One of the World’s Top Teams

The big news in US soccer today is Clint Dempsey‘s brace of goals against Chelsea.  Today Dempsey is big news in England, big news in soccer period.  Dempsey’s second, late goal was enough to draw Chelsea 2-2 at Craven Cottage.

Dempsey scored twice on Chelsea, who had given up only one goal in 9 away games before today, and neither of Dempey’s goals were luck or a fluke.  Both goals were scored off a dead ball kick, Dempsey intuitively getting in the right position and executing with brilliant skill.  The first goal was a deft chest trap followed by a calm flick, the final goal a difficult, unbeatable header, even as he was crashing to the turf.

One might venture that self belief played a part, and the whole Fulham team played with great confidence and determination throughout the game; they are now unbeaten in their last 9 games.  More detail in the BBC match report.

Doubters and Chelsea fans might point out that Frank Lampard scored both of Chelsea’s goals and the game was a draw.  Frank Lampard is pretty fine company to keep soccer wise, but the reality is that today on balance Dempsey’s goals were just a little better, and he did more with less.

It is a day to celebrate Clint “Deuce” Dempsey, a hero to Fulham, and one of America’s very best footballers.

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