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Personal note: A new pair of studs

If you’re like me and play too much, you might owe your Mom a pair of these for Christmas. Also useful if you aren’t ready to pop the question to your girlfriend, or if you are married and need to make a few points.

If you are married, face it: you need to earn a few points. Can you tell I have given these before? It’s a good time to buy as prices have come down in the current economy. Less than $50 on sale, or you can go big…
Diamond Stud Earrings - Temporary Sale
As you know, giving diamonds has benefits. Card could read something like: studs from your soccer stud. You have to take it from there.

OK, order and, job well done, reward yourself with 90 minutes on a pitch somewhere, or maybe a pair of tickets. Ah yeah.

You’re welcome!


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